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The 7 Best Wave Brushes for Men in 2022

The 7 Best Wave Brushes for Men in 2022

Everybody wants to wear waves in their hair these days. Do you ever wonder how some guys seem to get those perfect shiny waves, and yours just doesn’t turn out that way? The fact is, it takes effort, patience… and a great wave brush.  

That’s the secret lots of wavers want to keep to themselves. Some guys will try to act like genetics alone got them their perfect 360 waves. But the reality is if you get the right equipment, learn the right technique, and invest the time, just about anyone can do it.

Our Picks for the 7 Best Wave Brushes in 2022:

  1. Torino Pro Wave Brush #490
  2. Wav Enforcer Spin Wave Brush
  3. Crown Quality Products Emerald Green Soft Bristle Contour Wave Brush
  4. Magic Collection Reinforced Boar Bristle Soft Palm Brush No.7723
  5. Torino Pro Wave Brush #57
  6. Kingston Grooming 100% Boar Hair Bristle Brush For Men
  7. Diane 100% Boar 2-Sided Club Brush

You can’t just get any old wave brush, though. First things first, you need to focus on quality. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to invest a ton of money.

But if you’re shopping on the low end of the spectrum, it’s imperative that you’re discerning and don’t settle for something cheap and poorly made. Beyond that, though, you need to make sure you get the brush that’s the right fit for your hair.

A brush that creates perfect waves on one person might be ineffective, or too abrasive, on someone else. First things first, I’ll walk you through what you need to know to find the right wave brush for you. Stick around after that, and I’ll break down the best wave brushes on the market today.

Best Wave Brushes on the Market Today

Now that you know what to look for check out the best wave brushes available on the market today:

1. Torino Pro Wave Brush #490

Torino Pro Wave Brush #490
  • 100% boar bristles
  • Effective for all textures of hair
  • Works on short fresh cuts without irritating your scalp
  • Contoured to the shape of your head
  • Pointed tip for crown of hair 
  • High price tag
  • Not for longer hair
  • Bristles may shed over time 
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The Torino Pro Wave Brush #490 is a medium brush made with 100% pure boar bristles. Torino Pro is one of the leading premium wave brush brands, and several of their models will appear on the list.

With the 490, they’ve created a brush that is soft enough to work on short, fresh cuts without irritating your scalp, but still firm enough to do the job on coarse hair. The curve of the brush head is contoured to the shape of your head for more coverage and greater pull.

And the pointed tip of the brush can isolate the crown of your hair. That means less time spent brushing [and] less time spent waiting for results. The Torino Pro 490 is a premium product with excellent reviews overall.

But it isn’t perfect for everyone. While it’s good for all hair textures, it doesn’t work on all lengths; if you want waves in longer hair, this isn’t the brush for you. Customers have also reported concerns about bristles shedding over time.


2. Wav Enforcer Spin Wave Brush

Wav Enforcer
Wav Enforcer Spin Wave Brush
  • Firm bristles great for thick hair
  • Affordable price
  • Sturdy handle
  • Durable design
  • Can cause scalp irritation
  • May take longer to see results
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The Wav Enforcer Spin Brush is the ideal hard wave brush for shoppers on a budget who don’t want to sacrifice quality. Despite being available for a fraction of the cost of some competitors, the Wav Enforcer Spin is made from 100% pure boar bristles and has a natural, ergonomic wooden handle.  

The durable design is the real stand out feature of this model. The handle is extremely sturdy, and the bristles are designed to not fall out even after extended use. It’s a hard wave brush, so the bristles are very firm, and they’re great for thick hair.

They’re also stiff enough to exfoliate your scalp, removing excess oil, leftover product, and even getting rid of dandruff flakes. The bristles are perfect for evenly distributing your hair’s natural oils through thick hair even when you have a medium-length cut.

And they’ll stimulate your scalp, inducing increased blood flow and boosting healthy hair growth. On the downside, though, hard wave brushes can be very harsh, and if you have a sensitive scalp, this isn’t the brush for you.

Even if your scalp isn’t particularly sensitive, it can definitely cause irritation if you use it when you have a short cut. It also doesn’t have as efficient a design as some of the other models, so you may need to be a bit more patient and spend a bit more time brushing before you see results.


3. Crown Quality Products Emerald Green Soft Bristle Contour Wave Brush

Crown Quality Products
Crown Quality Products Emerald Green Soft Bristle Contour Wave Brush
  • Efficient brush design to get results as fast as possible
  • Ergonomic grip for better feel and leverage
  • High-class design
  • Produces maximum luster and shine
  • Not effective on thicker or longer hair
  • Bristles can get softer over time
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The first true soft bristle wave brush on our list, the Crown Quality Products Emerald Green Soft Bristle Contour Wave Brush is designed to focus on training and laying your hair. If you have thinner hair and like to keep a short cut, this could be the ideal brush to give you those perfect 360 waves.

This model is all about comfort and efficiency. Crown has worked to design a brush to produce results as quickly as possible while reducing brushing time, thanks to the ergonomic, contoured design. The brushed is curved to the shape of your head and features 11 rows of soft flex bristles. The bristle distribution is designed to maximize luster and shine.

Further, the brush doesn’t have a handle; you hold it directly on the brush head. That is ultimately a matter of preference, but some wavers prefer the feel and leverage they get with this kind of brush. The design itself is also pure class, with a high gloss finish and an iridescent logo imprinted on the solid wood body.

While it is a high quality soft wave brush, this isn’t the right model for everyone. If you have thick hair that’s difficult to train, you’ll need firmer bristles to get the results you want. Plus, these bristles can get even softer at the end of a long combing session. So unless you have very soft, thin hair, this isn’t the model for you.


4. Magic Collection Reinforced Boar Bristle Soft Palm Brush No.7723

Magic Collection
Magic Collection Boar Bristle Soft Palm Brush
  • Budget-friendly
  • Soft bristles won’t irritate scalp
  • Strong pull
  • Comfortable handle
  • Not 100% boar bristles
  • No contour
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Shoppers on a budget looking for a soft-bristle wave brush may need to look no further than the Magic Collection Reinforced Boar Bristle Soft Palm Brush No.7723. The soft bristles are great for training thinner, shorter hair, and they’re designed to promote maximum shine and luster.  

It will also gently stimulate your scalp without risk or irritation, all for a fraction of the price of other soft wave brushes. The brush has a round frame with no handle that’s designed to fit perfectly in your palm.

It’s a solid, durable wooden frame designed for easy handling and maximum pull. While this is a common practice on the market overall (particularly with soft bristle brushes), this is the only product on our list that is not 100% boar bristles.

The Magic Collection 7723 supplements its boar hair with synthetic nylon. It also has no contoured shape, so you’ll have to spend more time and effort brushing. And of course, as a soft bristle brush, it won’t be effective on long or thick hair.


5. Torino Pro Wave Brush #57

Torino Pro Wave Brush #57
  • Expertly contoured
  • 100% pure boar bristle
  • Perfect for wolfing—takes wave from good to great
  • Not for short hair
  • Expensive 
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Torino Pro is one of the leading wave brush brands known for their high quality products, and the Torino Pro #57 is no exception.  It is a hard wave brush that’s perfect for the wolfing stage as your hair grows longer.  

Like all Torino Pros, it is made with 100% pure boar bristles, and expertly designed for maximum efficiency.  The 57 is contoured to the shape of your head, and has a sharp point to give you precision when brushing the crown of your head. If you’re really committed to waving, a high quality hard brush is a must.

Wolfing is the stage when your waves go from good to great. Unfortunately this is just not a brush you can use on short fresh cuts.  It’s a supplemental brush to use when your hair starts to grow out a bit.  And it is on the more expensive side.


6. Kingston Grooming 100% Boar Bristle Hair Brush for Men

Kingston Grooming Co.
Kingston Grooming 100% Boar Bristle Hair Brush
  • Effective on all types of hair without irritating scalp
  • Designed to work on facial hair
  • Solid beechwood construction
  • Maximizes contact between brushes and hair
  • Travel box and manual included
  • On the expensive side
  • Bristles may shed
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Another medium-firmness brush, the Kingston Grooming 100% Boar Hair Bristle Brush for Men is a premium product that emphasizes performance and versatility. The reinforced medium boar bristles get the job done for all but the most difficult-to-train hair, and won’t irritate your scalp unless you have particularly sensitive skin.

The brush is also designed to work on facial hair as well. If you’ve ever tried to grow a beard but given up because it got too bushy and tangled, this could be the perfect comb for you. It can help you get the voluminous beard you’ve always wanted without looking disheveled. The Kingston Bristle Brush will keep your beard looking clean and lustrous.

The Kingston Bristle Brush comes on an elegant, solid beechwood body with no brush handle. The contour is designed to maximize contact between the brushes and your hair, and it comes with a travel box and instruction manual included.  

Overall this is an excellent, high-end product. But it does come at a hefty price tag, and the bristles are known to shed. If you want a 360 wave and a lustrous beard to match, this could be the perfect product for you. But if you’re not looking to grow facial hair and you prioritize long-term durability, you might be better off looking elsewhere.


7. Diane 100% Boar 2-Sided Club Brush

Diane 100% Boar 2-Sided Club Brush
  • Double-sided brush gives increased versatility
  • Affordable
  • 100% boar bristle
  • Good for thick hair
  • Limited contour
  • Durability concerns
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The Diane 100% Boar 2-Sided Club Brush is perfect for people with thicker hair who want flexibility as their hair grows longer.  The double-sided brush has medium bristles on one side, to use right after a haircut without irritating your scalp.

And it has firm bristles on the other, so you can continue using it as your hair gets longer without worrying about losing sufficient pull. It’s also made with 100% boar bristles despite being available at one of the most affordable price points of any model on the list.

Unfortunately, it has very limited contouring, and a short handle that can be awkward to grip.  And there are concerns about the long term durability of the frame if it gets wet, which can be tricky if you brush with water.


Picking the Best Wave Brush for You

Best wave brushes for men on a table

Africa Studio/Shutterstock

To find the right brush to get those perfect waves, there is a wide variety of things to know and factors to consider. Let’s start with the basics and work our way up from there.

What is a Wave Brush?

While they may look very similar to other hairbrushes on the surface, wave brushes have several unique features that set them apart. The distinguishing feature is that they are made with boar hair bristles. Some are pure boar hair, while others will be boar bristles supplemented with synthetic nylon fibers.

Boar bristles are unique in that they are very soft, but still more firm than typical hairbrush material. These bristles have a variety of benefits. They are able to more effectively distribute your hair’s natural oils, keeping your hair moisturized without having to use any product.  

Wave brushes also stimulate your scalp, promoting healthy hair growth. And they can detangle your hair without pulling or snagging. So how does that produce waves?

As simple as possible, wave brushes keep your hair healthy and moisturized, while also training it to grow in the pattern you want. You’ll have to invest a solid amount of time brushing your hair, and the effects might not come right away (time will vary depending on the brush you choose). But if you find the right brush and keep at it, your waves will come in time.

What’s the Difference Between Hard and Soft Wave Brushes?

Guy using the best wave brush on his hair


If you’ve already looked around at a few different models, you might have noticed that some wave brushes are labeled “hard” and others “soft.” What does that mean? Essentially, this refers to the firmness of the bristles. There are strengths and weaknesses to each type, and this is one of the most important things to consider to find the brush that is the right fit for you.

Hard wave brushes have extra firm bristles, and they can be effective on longer or more difficult hair. They’re able to untangle thick hair without damaging it, and they can penetrate longer hair and still successfully distribute natural oils. But they are also particularly abrasive, and they are infamous for causing scalp irritation.

Soft wave brushes, on the other hand, are much gentler and won’t damage your skin even if you use them for an extended period. If you tend to get very short cuts, a soft wave brush might be the best bet for you. They’re also great at promoting luster and shine. But if you have particularly coarse hair, a soft brush might not be sufficient. And the longer your hair gets, the less you’ll get out of a soft wave brush.  

In the end, this is all about you and your hair. The most critical feature of any wave brush is the bristles themselves. If you have thin, short hair, be sure to target a soft brush. If you have thick hair, you’ll need a harder brush, but be careful not to irritate your scalp. You may be interested in a soft brush to use right after your haircut, and a hard brush to use as it gets longer.

Do I need Any Other Equipment?

If you use proper technique and put in the time, a good wave brush will do most of the work for you. But you’ll also need a wave cap or a durag to make sure you get the results you want. 

Getting waves is all about training your hair. durags and wave caps are designed to keep your hair in place once you get done brushing. Invest in one of these to make sure the work you put in doesn’t go to waste.


After the bristles themselves, the contour of your brush will play the most significant role in determining how effective it will be. Many wave brushes have bristles that lay flat and even across the entire brush. But others curve the bristles to the shape of your head.  

That maximizes contact between your hair and the brush, which means your brushing will be more efficient, and you’ll get results all the faster. Contoured brushes are usually on the higher end of the price spectrum, but if you want to get your waves as quickly as possible, it might be worth the investment.

How to Use a Wave Brush

How to use the best wave brushes

Many good wave brushes will come with instruction manuals, and you might take a different approach depending on the specific effect you’re looking for. But I’ll get you started with the basics here:

  • Get a short haircut. You’ll need to start with short hair when you first start developing your waves. 
  • Find the grain of your hair. The key to a wave is brushing along with the pattern of your hair. Start from the crown of your head and work your way out.
  • Start brushing. The necessary time will vary depending on the brush, but the most important thing is to stay disciplined and as often as you can. As a general rule of thumb, with an average brush, you should brush for about 20 to 30 minutes a day.
  • Wear your wave cap. As we discussed, wave caps and durags are essential to developing your waves. 
  • Wash your hair about once a week. It’s important to keep your hair clean while you develop your waves.
  • Be patient. Your waves might not show up right away. Don’t get discouraged; they’re coming. Just stick with it.
  • Grow your hair out. This is called “wolfing.”

Stick to these steps, and within a matter of weeks, you’ll have the perfect waves you’ve always wanted.

What’s the Best Wave Brush for You?

With the right wave brush (along with some patience and good technique) anyone can get perfect waves. And depending on your budget and your priorities, any of the wave brushes on the list above could be just the right fit for you.