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Black Man Bun | Complete Style Guide

Black Man Bun | Complete Style Guide

With the man bun getting on top of all men’s hairstyle trends, the male individuals are going crazy to master the art of this hairdo. With the intent to help out these individuals, here I’m going to write the ultimate step-by-step guide for a black man bun.

Why did we specify ‘black man bun’ and not express it as plain and old ‘man bun’? It’s because this piece will be solely about the afro curls or kinks that you got, and how they can be tied up in a beautiful bun.

Whether you got loose curls or kinky ones, we got you covered.

What’s a Man Bun?

By man bun, most people assume it as the Samurai hairstyle, which it’s not. You can have your man bun by tying all your hair into buns that can sit at the top of your head or the bottom.

You can also get it done by leaving half of your hair untied and getting the rest of it into a bun. What I’m referring to here is that you can get a bun without following only the Samurai style.

What is a Black Man Bun? Does it Have a Specific Type?

A black man bun is different in terms of the hair-type and the styling. Afro hair is naturally curly and tends not to cooperate with different styles every now and then.

Nevertheless, a man bun on afro hair can bring out an enhanced look. Buns are low-maintenance as well for which they’re getting more popular with each passing day.

These hair buns have many types according to what style you like to try. It could be a regular hair bun, a top-knot, a semi-bun, a samurai bun, a top-knot with an undercut, a braided bun, and many more. You name one, and it’s there.

How did it become a trend?

David Beckham Man Bun

Man buns aren’t anything new. It was a tradition to wear man buns in Chinese and Japanese culture. Yet, they gained repute pretty late.

They became popular in other countries and with common people when Football star David Beckham, Actor Jared Leto, and many other celebrities started slaying their man-bun look.

Musician Jason Derulo, with his afro curls, kills the topknot hairdo look. And what about the Atlanta rapper Future ?

Check out his loose-dreadlock-messy-bun! It’s on another level of aesthetics! Black men with a bun look more sophisticated than anyone.

A black man bun adds more to his personality and gives him inexplicable confidence about his looks. Buns bring a multi-dimensional look on afro hair. Thanks to the trendsetters who shed light on this hairstyle.

How to Tie Your Hair into a Man Bun?

Coming straight to your relief. How will you tie a man bun? Well, it’s not as hard as it might seem in the photos you see on the internet.

You won’t need to go to a men’s parlor to get a hair bun. You can tie one yourself in the comfort of your home. For a bun, your hair needs to be long enough to be put into one.

If you have shoulder-length hair, you can make a full-hair bun anywhere in your crown. More precisely, your hair strands need to be six to eight inches long.

The afro-textured black men’s hair coils up and might not be visibly 6-inches long, but as long as the real length is between 6 to 8-inches, you’re good to go.

Stop shying away from getting your hair long, and then proceed to the next topic!

Steps of Getting a Black Man Bun

Now that you’ve got long hair, you are halfway done. Dip your hands in the following steps to get the perfect black man bun.

1. Gather your supplies

First of all, you’ll need a few things for the process.

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Curl enhancer/ smoothing cream/ hair mousse/ hair gel/ styling clay/ leave-in conditioner
  • Hair brush/ pick
  • Hair tie/ elastic band
  • Setting spray (optional)

2. Prepare your hair

Now, one of the mandatory tasks is to get your hair ready for the new style. Since black men’s hair is naturally dry and prone to frizz, you might need to break a sweat to get a unique-looking man bun.

Shampoo your hair a few hours prior to trying the hairdo. A sulfate-free shampoo will work great for curly hair. Make sure to condition your hair.

While your hair is still wet, take blobs of curl-enhancing cream in your palms and gently run your fingers through the hair. It’ll add extra shine to the hair. If you want to skip the curl enhancer, that won’t be a problem.

Once your hair has 80% dried, take some curl smoothing cream or hair mousse or hair gel or styling clay or leave-in conditioner, and apply it to your hair.

Scrunch the curls with your palms and fingers. It’ll make the curls look more defined, frizz-free, and in shape.

Next, brush your hair. If your hair is too dense, you can use a pick to make it easier to loosen the tangles. Proceeding to the next and final step.

3. Making the bun

Black Guy Making Man Bun

So, you’ve got your hair ready. Now, repeat after me all the things I’m going to write next.

  • Using a brush or a pick, gather all your hair in a fist or handful, i.e., like a ponytail. You can either do it around the lower part of the head or on the top.
  • Tie an elastic band around the hair once.
  • Twist the band again, and pull it over the ponytail once again, but this time, leave it halfway.

The round-shaped half-ponytail thing that you got here is your man bun. Yes, it’s this easy. Finish with some setting spray if you don’t want baby hairs to stand upright around the bun.

Styling the Black Man Bun

While the regular man bun looks stylish enough already, trying different styles with it will get a more fashionable look. Here’re a few styles of black man buns you can try.

Bun with a Taper Fade

Faded taper or a tapered undercut brings a revived look in afro-textured hair. While the bun sits on the crown of your head, the tapered underneath will make it more noticeable and look defined.

Man Bun with Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are elegant- no doubt in that. Getting dreadlocks will take a hard work of maybe a day or two, but it’ll pay off when you style them in a man bun and take the black man bun to a sophisticated level.

Braided Bun

Men WIth High Braided Bun

Braids are a common trend among black men. It’s time to add more to them. Incorporating braids into a black man bun will ensure both style and ethnicity.

However, your hair needs to be at least 8-inches long for a braided black man bun since braids make the lair length smaller.

Laid-back Style

If you don’t want a neat bun and rather prefer a relaxed look, you should opt for the laid-back style. The bun will be at the lower part of your head. Don’t use any setting sprays for this look.

Messy Bun

How about a casual look with the man bun? Don’t need to brush the hair; instead, leave the hair a little messy. With a dense beard, it looks even more captivating.

There are many other ways to style the black man bun, and they are pretty effortless. We’ve walked you through the primary steps of it. You can now start experimenting with the looks. 

Can You Wear a Durag with a Man Bun?

Black Man Durag

As it turns out, yes, you can.

Durags are an excellent way to add dimension to your hair and style. It also gives your hair protection against dust and pollution. Wearing a durag with a man bun can be tricky but let me tell you how easy it turns out.

Take a durag and place it on your head while you have already tied your man bun. Next, you’ll roughly measure with your fingers the length of durag over the bun, as in, how much of it needs to be cut for the bun to show.

The length will be from the top of the bun to your scalp where the bun ends. Now, take the piece of cloth and two-fold it exactly at the part which covered the bun area.

Cut off a quarter-circular hole of the measurement you took. When you fold out the durag, it should have a circular hole. It’s now ready to sit around your man bun.

Durags can give you cool waves as well, which will look more classy with the bun. A colorful silk durag or velvet durag will look best with a bun.

Taking Care of Your Man Bun

Men With Bun

While growing hair long for a man bun and then tying it seems like the hard part, that’s not the case. The tough job is to maintain the health of that long hair that you’ve grown. Here’re a few tips for that:

  • Maintain the cleanliness of your scalp. Keep hair moisturized. Having healthy hair and scalp makes styling getatable.
  • Shampoo and condition hair regularly to maintain the shine but don’t overdo it.
  • When tying the bun, avoid wearing it too tightly. Tying it tightly can result in hair loss, weak hair roots, and a recession in the hairline.
  • Washing hair every day can make hair dry. Use dry shampoo and leave-in conditioners to maintain the balance.
  • When washing hair, rinse all the styling products off your hair. Residue from these things can initiate dandruff build-up, make the scalp itchy, and the follicles weak.

Will You Rock a Black Man Bun?

Now that you know how you can wear a man bun and maintain it, nothing should come in your way of trying every black man bun look you’ve seen previously and thought you could never achieve it.

Buns are super easy to wear, and they instantly enrich your style and personality. Stop holding yourself back from embracing this trend. With the guideline provided here, you’ll be in control of your man bun in no time!