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30 Trending High and Tight Fades in 2022

30 Trending High and Tight Fades in 2022

If you’re thinking of getting a high and tight fade this year, take a look at these 30 variations for inspiration. 

What Is a High and Tight Fade?

fade hairstyle refers to the gradual and smooth progression from a shaved area to a fuller hairstyle. Fades sit on the side of the head, starting as a shaved area around the base of the haircut and growing thicker as you travel up the skull. 

A high and tight fade goes higher than normal, with the majority of the head shaved and the fade appearing near the crown. A more drastic version of the high and tight fade appeared as a form of crew cut for military use in the early 20th century. 

Though meant to be functional over fashionable, the high and tight became a popular hairstyle during the 1980s, predominantly in the African-American community. Nowadays, a less severe version of the hairstyle is a popular choice for men of all ages and backgrounds. 

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30 Trending High and Tight Fades in 2022

The high and tight can be an intimidating look. If you’re on the fence about getting one, check out these 30 variations for inspiration.

1. Classic High and Tight

Classic high and tight fade haircut

Malikov Aleksandr/Shutterstock

For the classic version of this look, your back and sides get shaved down to the skin with a short transition to longer hair on top. The hair on top of your head will keep a length of around an inch or so. The tapered edges prevent the transition from being too blunt or jarring.

2. Butch Cut With Beard

Butch Cut With Beard High and Tight Fade


A butch cut is a variation of a high and tight, with the majority of your hair trimmed to the same length. You can still add a fade on the back and sides to achieve the high and tight. An added beard completes your look as a neat, yet edgy, modern man.

3. Buzz Cut With High Skin Fade

One of the most militaristic versions of the high and tight, this style features a high skin fade reaching to the top of your crown. The hair on top of your head is then buzz cut to a short, even length. 

4. High and Tight With Drop Fade

High and Tight Fade Hiarcut With Drop Fade


Adding a drop fade to a high and tight brings a whole new dimension to your look. It keeps the classic style of a high and tight from the front, but in the back, the fade drops to where your hairline naturally comes in at the nape of your neck.

5. High Skin Fade With Short Side Part

For this style, you shave the sides of your head smooth, with a high, short fade. The top of the head retains less than an inch of hair, and a straight side part adds definition.

6. High and Tight Fade With Crew Cut

Similar to the buzz cut above, the high and tight crew cut is a no-nonsense, functional style. However, they cut the hair on the top of your hair a little longer than a buzz cut to serve the crew cut requirements.

7. High and Tight With Afro

This is a great look if you’ve got naturally curly, thick, and wiry hair. Keep the sides and back trim with a high fade, but let the rest of your hair grow out for more length and volume. You can also use a pick to accentuate your afro. 

8. Skin Fade With Short Textured Top

This style keeps your sides neat and professional while leaving the top of your head free for some fun. By adding texture to the top of your hair, you can forgo the traditional severity of a high and tight and allow for more style options.

9. Low Skin Fade With Short Tight Top

A low skin fade brings your fade further down on your head while still keeping the sides and back short. Keep the top short and neat for a clean-cut, up-for-anything hairstyle. 

10. High Fade With Wavy Brushed Back Hair

While you should maintain the high and tight back and sides, keep the top part of your hair longer for this style. Then, add some gentle waves with mousse to sweep back over the top of your head.

11. Mid Fade With Hard Part and Brush Up

A mid fade consists of a fade that’s a little lower than the high and tight, often with a gentler progression between shaved areas and full hair. For this look, your stylist will also add a severe side part and brush your fringe up above your face in a pompadour-type style.

12. High and Tight With Comb-Over

High and Tight Fade With Comb-Over

MDV Edwards/Shutterstock

Unlike the traditional Comb-over, this version isn’t for your weird uncle. To achieve this style, you must have a substantial length on the top of your head. Side part your hair and comb it sideways over your crown for a more professional look.

13. High and Tight With Caesar Cut

With the high and tight, keep the hair on top of your head an even length. Then, brush your hair forwards so that you have a blunt and uniform fringe across your forehead. 

14. Hard Part Fade With French Crop

Similar to the Caesar cut above, the French crop pushes the hair on top forwards into a uniform fringe. The hard part completely separates the fade from the rest of the hairstyle for a more defined look.

15. Bald Fade With Slicked Back Hair

Bald High and Tight Fade With Slicked Back Hair

Kiselev Andrey Valerevich/Shutterstock

With a bald fade, you shave the hair on the back and sides of your head right down to the skin, with a very small transition area to the rest of your hair. With this style, the hair on top of your head is longer so you can gel it back for a more aerodynamic look.

16. Blond High and Tight

Most high and tight styles you’ll see will feature darker hair, but lighter shades can also rock this look. If you’re blonde(or going to be), a high and tight fade can give you a distinguished and professional look that isn’t as severe as a black or brown high and tight fade. 

17. High and Tight With Spiked Hair

For more dimension, keep the hair on top of your head longer and spike it up with gel or mousse. Even with an inch of hair, you can create a whole new vibe to the high and tight with a spiky top.

18. Skin Fade With Hard Side Part

For this style, a hard side part defines the separation between your fade and the rest of your hair. The top of your head keeps about an inch of length combed away from the part just like any longer hairstyle. 

19. High and Tight With Quiff

High and Tight Fade With Quiff

Firma V/Shutterstock

To achieve this look, grow the hair on top of your head longer. With the back and sides neat, you can blow-dry and gel the front of your hair into a quiff for extra dimension and more style.

20. Bald Fade With Pompadour

Similar to the quiff, make sure your back and sides are neat with a high bald fade. Then, you can sweep the front of your hair into a round shape towards the back of your head and secure it with mousse or gel. 

21. High and Tight With Long Hair

High and Tight Fade Haircut With Long Hair


High and tights traditionally forgo longer hair, but if you already have some length to your locks you might want to keep it. However, anything longer than an inch or two might start to look like a disconnected fade or undercut.

22. High Fade With Messy Hair

Similar to textured hair, keep some length on top of your head. You can use a little bit of water or gel to tousle your locks, creating a unique contrast of messy and neatness in one hairstyle. 

23. Two-Toned High and Tight

Two-Toned High and Tight Fade Haircut


If you want to increase your hairstyle’s dimensions, consider dying the top part of your hair a different color. It’ll highlight the change between your fade and top, helping you stand out in a crowd.

24. High and Tight Swept Forwards

Use a comb to sweep the top part of your hair forwards over your head. You can choose to flatten the front into a fringe or leave it partly brushed up for a more dynamic look.

25. High and Tight With Shave Design

High and Tight Fade With Shave Design

Dmytro Kolesnikov/Shutterstock

With a slightly less aggressive fade, ask your barber to shave a pattern into the side of your head. Your hairstyle will remain practical, but also help you show off your personality.

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26. Medium High and Tight

A medium high and tight requires more hair off the top. Similar to a mohawk, you’ll keep a broad strip of hair on top of your head that you can comb upwards for more dimension.

27. High and Tight Flattop

For this style, keep the hair on top of your hair about an inch in length and style it straight up so that it forms a uniform flat top.

28. Tapered High and Tight

This version features tapering all around the crown to add more volume on top of your head. 

29. High and Tight With Pony

High and Tight Fade With Pony


Generally, having the top part of your hair too long takes away from the ‘high and tight’ vision. But if you want to push the boundaries, grow it out enough for a ponytail.

30. High Fade With Faux Hawk

For this style, do a less severe fade on the sides and back and keep some length up top. Gel your hair into a faux hawk or brush up for more texture and intrigue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about high and tight fades:

What Is The Difference Between A High And Tight And A Fade?

A fade will transition smoothly from shorter to longer hair, whereas a high and tight goes straight from short to long hair.

What Does A High And Tight Fade Look Like?

A high and tight fade will have very short or no hair on the sides and back of the head with a smooth but quick transition to longer hair on top.

How Do You Ask For A High And Tight?

Your barber will know what a high and tight is, so you can ask for one directly. Remember to specify how long you want your hair to be if you want an unconventional high and tight.

How Long Is A High And Tight Haircut?

A typical high and tight uses around 1/16 of an inch for the back and sides and ¼ of an inch for the top.

Is A High And Tight Haircut Good?

A high and tight is professional and low maintenance while also being trendy. If it works with your face shape, you might enjoy having one.

Is the High and Tight Fade for You?

The high and tight fade is a twist on the classic military look. With these 30 inspirations, you can feel confident going forth and making this hairstyle your own.