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30 Long Goatee Styles to Try in 2022

30 Long Goatee Styles to Try in 2022

Not every guy is lucky to have impressive facial hair genes, take advantage of that. It’s up to you to keep the beard game strong. 

But growing a long beard leaves you with a lot of style options to choose from. Which one is the right one for you? Check out these 30 long goatee styles for you to try. 

What Is a Long Goatee?

The definition of what makes a goatee long is up for interpretation a little bit, but most men would classify chin hair longer than two inches as long. And if you don’t feel like measuring, think of a long goatee as chin hair that reaches at least your Adam’s apple. 

The standard goatee covers the chin and can also include a mustache, but the hair doesn’t cover the cheeks or the neck. Beyond these standards, a goatee can look however you want it to look.

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30 Ways to Rock the Long Goatee in 2022

So, you’re thinking about growing yourself a sweet goatee. Good for you! Many have tried, and many have failed; so, if you’re up for the challenge, we’re more than happy to help where we can. Start by checking out this rad list of 30 long goatee-style inspirations to get the creative juices flowing. 

1. Short-Long Goatee

Short-Long Goatee Style


A long goatee doesn’t have to reach your feet. In fact, you can trim your goatee just around your Adam’s apple for a short-long style. Your facial hair will still be super impressive, but a bit more manageable. 

2. Goatee Beard 

Our number two look is a little bit of a goatee rebel because it steps out of line with traditional goatee standards. A long goatee beard is simply a long goatee that includes some additional hair along the rest of your jaw. 

3. Medium-Long Goatee 

Medium-Long Goatee style

Ysbrand Cosijn/Shutterstock

Let’s say you’ve tried to short-long goatee and it just doesn’t feel like enough for you, but you’re not ready to commit to maintaining a super long beard. Try a mid-range style perhaps a length that reaches your collarbone or the top of your chest. 

4. Extra-Long Goatee 

Extra-Long Goatee and beard style

Markus Wissmann/Shutterstock

Are you ready to pull a Gandalf or a Dumbledore? Go for the extra-long goatee by simply letting your beard grow as it may. Keep your cheeks cleaned up, but feel free to add an extra-long mustache as well. 

5. Ponytail Goatee 

All you need for this long goatee style is a long beard and a hair tie. The ponytail goatee is a classic style for those with facial hair long enough to master it. 

6. Braided Goatee 

Extra long goatee on a man

Yashkin Ilya/Shutterstock

Long goatees can get in the way sometimes. One style that can help with that is a simple braid! 

7. Full Metal Long Goatee Beard 

Full Metal Long Goatee Beard 

Taras Noha/Shutterstock

Some might call the full metal to goatee to rule them all. There are no limits to this goatee, as long as you grow out your motorhead goatee. It includes a mustache, a full beard, and tons of hair. 

8. Long Goatee With Handlebar Mustache 

As if the ability to grow a long goatee isn’t impressive enough, you can also add a fancy handlebar mustache to the mix. This look says you’re a cool guy who likes to have a lot of fun. 

9. Viking Beard Braid

The Viking beard braid is an awesome, unique goatee style with a really rad name. This style is similar to a braid, but it’s done differently. Rather than braiding the hair, place several tiny hair ties starting at the base of your beard down to the tip. 

10. Double Braid 

What’s better than one braid? Two, of course! Split a long goateed into two sections for two incredible beard braids. 

11. Goatee with Mustache 

The great thing about growing a long goatee is that with pretty much any style you choose, you have the option to include a mustache. Try letting your mustache grow as well for a full-face style. 

12. Soul Patch Goatee 

Just like you can add a mustache to any goatee, you can also shave in a particular way to include a soul patch. Limit your goatee to the base of your chin and shave below your bottom lip to create a soul patch. 

13. Long Goatee With Tapered Sides 

Traditionally, goatees don’t include facial hair on your jawline or cheeks. But in this style, you can aim to grow out your goatee and trim these areas so that they’re shorter and fade up into your sideburns. 

14. Shaped Goatee 

While many men prefer to let their goatee grow as it may, others like a cleaner style. Once you’ve reached your desired beard length, you can shape it with a razor for an attractive, triangle-like look. A shaped goatee can be any length. 

15. Long Goatee With Accessories 

Long Goatee With Accessories 

Just Dance/Shutterstock

Believe it or not, there are many accessories you can add to a long goatee. Things like beard rings, pins, and rubber bands can add texture and style to the average long goatee for a temporary change. 

16. Messy Goatee 

One style for your long goatee is no style at all. Let your beard grow, clean up your cheeks and jawline, and let the beard do the rest. You can let it fly natural and wild for a true lumberjack kind of look.

17. Asian Long Goatee

An Asian long goatee isn’t that different from your average long goatee, but it is more cleaned up and toned down. Instead of keeping your goatee full and bushy, thin it out and brush it several times a day with a comb. 

18. Goatee With Shaved Head

The best way to really emphasize your fantastic long goatee is to pair it with a shaved head. This look really portrays a tough biker image and puts an exclamation point on your impressive facial hair. 

19. Long Goatee With Scruff 

Again traditional goatees don’t include cheek or jawline hair. But in some cases, you can make it work. When you first start to grow your goatee out, start by shaving your cheeks and jawline. Once you get close to your desired goatee length, stop shaving and let some scruff grow and fill in the gaps.

20. Long Van Dyke Goatee 

The Van Dyke goatee is a popular choice for sophisticated men, but it typically involves a short, clean goatee with a soul patch and an unattached mustache. Keep the mustache and the soul patch, but grow the goatee as long as you want. 

21. Long Anchor Goatee 

The anchor goatee features a thick strip of hair that grows from the bottom of the lower lip to the chin. From there, the goatee grows long and full. Keep the rest of your face clean shaved, or add a full mustache. 

22. Long Chin Goatee

For some men, a goatee starts at the mustache and attaches around the mouth to cover the entire chin. The long chin goatee leaves a space between the bottom of the lower lip and the very bottom of the chin, where you let your facial hair grow solo. 

23. Gray Goatee

Up close image of a Long Gray Goatee

Puha Dorin/Shutterstock

It’s easy for an aging man to become self-conscious about his gray chin hairs. But the silver fox look is very in right now. Throw away your beard dye and aim for an all-natural, all-gray long goatee. 

24. Landing Strip Goatee 

The landing strip goatee can be difficult to maintain, but it’s certainly an eye-catching look. Grow your facial hair in a thick strip from the bottom of your lip to your chin and grow it long, but continue to shave on either side of the strip to keep it in the center. 

25. Long Goatee With Chin Strap 

Grow yourself a long goatee, but mix things up by keeping a very thin chin strap that extends up your jawline to your sideburns. 

26. Mustache Goatee 

This one can be tricky, but when executed correctly, it can be a crowd-pleaser. Grow your mustache from your upper lip, down past your mouth, and to the sides of your chin. Let that hair continue to grow long while you shave from your bottom lip down, leaving a gap in the middle.

27. Dreadlock Goatee 

Long dreadlock goatee on a Jamaican man

Ralf Liebhold/Shutterstock

Dreadlocks are still in, and they give you an easy way to achieve a low-maintenance style. You can section your beard as many times as you like. Twist the pieces and use a fine-toothed comb to rat it.

28. Dyed Long Goatee

Guy with a long dyed goatee

Volodymyr Tverdokhlib/Shutterstock

If you really want to make your long goatee a statement feature on your face, dye it. You can go with a natural color, such as dying it platinum blonde, or you can go with a fun color like green or purple. 

29. Traditional Long Goatee 

The traditional long goatee can be any length you want, but you must pair it with a completely clean-shaven face including the mustache. 

30. Long Goatee With Half Mutton Chops

Man with a long goatee with mutton chops

Jeanne McRight/Shutterstock

Sure, your long goatee is the focal point of your face. But you can grow out your sideburns and trim them to make half mutton chops for a fuller, hairier look. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of thought and effort goes into growing a long goatee, so it’s normal to have some questions. Check out our FAQ section below. 

How can I grow a long beard? 

The main contributing factor of beard growth and thickness is genetics. Because you can’t change genetics, it may be harder for some men to grow a beard than others. 

However, you can try these tips to help encourage what hair growth you do have: 

  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Get high-quality sleep
  • Don’t shave this won’t make it grow faster/thicker
  • Minimize stress
  • Moisturize/exfoliate the skin beneath facial hair

Last of all, be patient! Facial hair growth can take a long time for some people. 

Does testosterone affect beard growth?

Most men have similar levels of testosterone, yet some can grow thick beards and others can’t. Testosterone has little to do with the growth of facial hair, so taking more isn’t likely to help with growth. 

Are long beards high-maintenance?

Long beards can be high-maintenance, depending on how you want them to look and the length of your style. In short, long beards are generally more high-maintenance than shorter beards, but again this depends on the style; even short beards need trimming. 

How should I care for my long beard? 

Because long beards are a little more high-maintenance than short beards or no beard at all, you should consider developing a care routine for your facial hair. 

Consider adding the following steps to care for your long beard:

  • Wash and condition your facial hair
  • Clean and exfoliate the skin under your beard
  • Get a beard comb to release tangles and style
  • Use a beard oil or a beard balm to nourish/style the hair
  • Trim regularly to clean up the shape

Having a long beard can require some extra steps in your morning routine, so find some high-quality products to make things easier. 

Should I trim my beard while attempting to grow it long? 

If your goal is length, then you should absolutely avoid trimming your beard as long as possible. Trimming your beard won’t make it grow faster, and as long as you’re taking care of it properly, it shouldn’t need a trim. 

Allowing your beard to grow out fully will give you a lot to work with later down the line when it comes to shaping and styling. It also gives you a good idea of what your beard is capable of growing. 

Instead, choose to train and shape your beard as it grows. 

Is the Long Goatee Style for You?

We’ve given you 30 different long goatee styles to choose from today, so what’s your favorite? Feel free to let us know in the comment section, and don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and rock a new, long goatee style!