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Short Boxed Beard | An Overly-Detailed Guide

Short Boxed Beard | An Overly-Detailed Guide

A short boxed beard is a distinguished look that works well for men who like the idea of a full beard, but they want it clean, sharp and trimmed low.

Growing and maintaining a short boxed beard doesn’t have to be difficult as long as you know the characteristics that define this style. 

What Is a Short Boxed Beard?

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A short boxed beard features sharp contour lines that form a box around the jawline, cut down to about an inch or so of hair. 

When growing a short boxed beard, keep in mind that this facial hairstyle showcases a thick beard that’s short but neatly contoured and groomed. It will take a bit of patience to grow out, but the maintenance is simple once you learn the best ways to keep it trimmed and defined. 

You should contemplate several considerations before deciding to rock the short boxed beard style. For example, do you have a favorable face shape that works with this look? Are you sure the short boxed beard is the look for you? 

Additionally, we’ll cover tips on the following:

  • How to grow a short boxed beard
  • How to define your neckline and cheek lines
  • How to maintain and trim a short boxed beard
  • Frequently asked questions

Keep reading for more information on achieving a clean and attractive short boxed beard.

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Ideal Face Shapes 

Many don’t realize that this is a consideration, though not having a particular face shape doesn’t mean you can’t pull off a clean boxed beard. The key to a good short boxed beard is that it always appears neat.

Over time, maintaining this style starts to sculpt how your facial hair fills in, including the direction in which your beard hair grows. For example, the sections of your beard that aren’t as dense, such as your cheeks, get trimmed away.

The end result? Accentuated check ones with clear and distinct lines. This beard style is incredibly versatile and can accommodate nearly every face shape.

But there are specific ways to cut it that will look better depending on the length and shape of your head. Since there isn’t one way to style your facial hair, it’s best to try to match your trimming method with your face. 

Round and Oblong Faces

Men with round or oblong face shapes find that the short boxed beard adds definition and sharp lines for a clean-shaven look. The shorter you cut your beard, it makes your jawline look more chiseled without adding extra volume. 

Heart-shaped and Oval Faces

Those with heart-shaped and oval faces are another good candidate for this facial hairstyle. If your face is heart-shaped, you might prefer to let the chin hair grow out a little longer since your face tends to slim out near the bottom. The longer hair will make your face seem fuller at the bottom.

Diamond and Triangle Faces

Diamond and triangle-shaped faces work better with this style if you crop the bears closer to your face. Those with triangle faces might prefer to make the cheek lines higher to create more balance between their cheekbones and jawlines. 

Men with diamond-shaped faces can do high or low cheekbones. The low cheek lines will highlight the sharpness of their face, whereas the high cheek lines will soften their facial features, which is usually preferred. 

Square Faces

You can wear a boxed beard if you have a square face, but this shape is better suited toward a high and long boxed beard than a short beard. Since your face is already square, the sharp lines and contours aren’t necessary. The longer beards will soften your face and balance the natural angles you already possess. 

What to Do Before You Attempt the Short Boxed Beard

Here are a few other things to think about before you decide to go for the short boxed beard: 

  • Mark your cheek lines and how far down your neck you want the beard to go
  • Your neckline should extend an inch and a half above the Adam’s apple
  • It’s better to start higher than lower because you can trim the lines lower if needed, but if they’re already too low, you have to start the process again

Short Boxed Beard Styles

The short boxed beard is mature, sophisticated, and commands the respect of those around you when properly maintained. 

After you’ve grown your beard and you’re ready to start trimming, you’ll choose between a high beard and a low beard. Both feature prominent sideburns, but the primary difference is the location where you shave the cheek lines. 

Keep in mind that whether high or low, you can use this beard style to accentuate the bone structure in your face, so select the one that works best for the look you want. 

Low Short Boxed Beard

The low short boxed beard is close to your jawline and covers it while remaining neat and curving up until it reaches the point just below your ears. To get this look, you will have to trim nearly all the hair from your cheeks. 

If necessary, go to a professional to ensure that they create a very crisp top line. The low slope lime should be prominent and extend from the top of your sideburns to the mustache. 

High Short Boxed Beard

The high short boxed beard is, as the name suggests, goes up higher on the face, covering a substantial part of the cheek area before it gets to the middle of your mustache. 

Another difference with this style is that the line that starts at your sideburns will connect to the mustache by the corners of your mouth instead of blending in with the chin hair. The best way to achieve symmetry is to pay close attention to your facial features to make the lines even on both sides. 

How to Grow a Short-Boxed Beard

Allow your beard to grow for two to four weeks. Since you’re mostly trimming down a full beard, let it grow as much as possible without touching it during this period. If you think your facial hair grows pretty quickly, you can start as soon as the two weeks are up.

However, the four weeks is the recommendation because it yields the desired volume for the short boxed beard. By understanding the angles of your cheek and neckline, you’ll be able to trim it to fit your face perfectly. 

How to Define Your Neckline and Cheek Lines

Short boxed beard being trimmed


Most individuals don’t have clearly defined lines on their face and neck, and for this reason, you’ll have to examine your face and neck to determine where to create the lines.

Luckily, this process is relatively easy to do and will make a sizable impact on your beard and your ability to style it. If you wish to determine your neckline, lift your head and imagine three points: your right ear, your Adam’s apple, and your left ear.

This is the area you want to cut so that the hair angles up towards your ears. At this point, the back edges of your jawline should ideally line up with the rear edges of your sideburns. As you round out the edges of your beard, don’t forget to trim your sideburns.

Determining your cheek line requires that you visualize a line from the center of your ear to the edge of your mustache. Cut the hair on your cheeks to match this imaginary line, and be sure to create a natural slope on your face as well.

Keep in mind that some men prefer to have a lower cheek line in relation to their beards. This method works well when the beard grows patchy.

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How to Maintain the Short Boxed Beard

Having a good-looking short boxed beard is a matter of keeping it trimmed and tidy. There are a few methods that you can use to make sure that your beard stays looking good. Below you’ll find everything you need to maintain a short boxed beard.

Maintain Your Beard With a Beard Brush

After your beard has grown sufficiently, you can begin taming it with a non-plastic beard comb to straighten it and give substantial volume to it. Invest in a quality wooden comb that will prevent hair static and hair pulling.

Furthermore, utilizing a beard comes with increased blood circulation, stimulating hair growth by directing more blood to your hair follicles. The best way to make your beard seem full and hapless is to comb your hair from bottom to top.

Though it may feel weird and unnatural, it will actually benefit you greatly to do it this way. Remember that it isn’t a good idea to comb your hair while it’s wet; this will create knots and weaken the follicles. After your beard has filled in and it’s strong, it’s time to shape it.

Wash and Condition

After trimming your beard into a short beard, all you have to do is wash and condition your beard regularly and keep it that way. A good regimen involves washing your hair twice a week with a bespoke beard wash.

This will allow you to remove any dirt without unnecessarily stripping your beard of its natural oils. Be mindful that the skin on your scalp is much different than the skin on your face.

As such, you should use a specially made beard wash or oil and apply it to your beard after every wash. Also, using beard moisturizer is a way to prevent itchy beard and flaky skin from developing, so use it when necessary.

How to Trim a Short Boxed Beard

As is the case with most things, your first few times of attempting to trim your hair into the short beard style, you are unlikely to get ideal results. However, after a few trials, you are sure to get the hang of it.

Remember, if it never seems to pan out, then you can always go to a professional barber and have them trim it for you. Procure the following tools:

  • Beard & mustache scissors
  • A steady hand and a mirror
  • Razor
  • Beard trimmer
  • Beard shaping tool (optional)

Below are the steps to take to trim a short box beard:

  1. Choose which variations suit you—the high box or low box variation. If you want the high box, simply crop out the cheek line as high as possible. If you choose the low box, decrease the height of the cheek line by approximately 1-1.5″.
  2. Using the razor, outline the width of the sides that slope down to the cheek line. Be sure that you point where the sides meet the cheek line sharp, straight, and angled.
  3. Take a ½ inch guard comb, attach it to your trimmer, and carefully trim your entire beard, ensuring it’s trimmed evenly throughout.
  4. Now use the mustache and beard scissors and trim and snip away all rogue and fly-away hairs. Don’t neglect your mustache. Make sure that you cut it to your liking.
  5. Finally, cut the neckline of the short boxed beard. Make a line that follows the natural curvature of your jawline, just half an inch to an inch lower than your jawline. This step is perhaps the most challenging part, so be patient and careful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the responses to the most commonly asked questions regarding short boxed beards:

What is the best length for a short beard?

The best length for a short beard is 4mm-15mm. The short beard allows your hair to overlap a bit, but it’s sufficient enough to cover most of the skin on your face.

Are short beards attractive?

Short stubble beards constantly rank as one of the most attractive facial hairstyles of the year. Respondents to the survey conclude that this is the best look, with clean and shaven coming in a close second.

How often should you trim a short beard?

If your short beard ranges from one to two inches in length, you should trim it once every two to three weeks.

Should I shave my neck when growing a beard?

We recommend that you shave your neckline, although you can get away without doing so. Shaving it serves to emphasize your jawline and accentuate your beard.

How do I keep my short beard lying flat?

There are several steps you can follow to help your beard lay flat and appear smooth. You can start by washing it, using a towel to pat dry it until it is slightly damp, and using a beard oil to keep it moisturized. Lastly, don’t forget to comb your beard with a moisturizing style balm and a beard brush to shape it up.

So, What Is a Short Boxed Beard?

A short boxed beard is an excellent option for men who want the look of a full beard without too much volume. This look is nice and suitable for the corporate world.