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30 Round Face Short Beard Styles for 2022

30 Round Face Short Beard Styles for 2022

Different face shapes have hairstyles and beard styles that suit that shape, either by accentuating desirable features or attenuating undesirable ones. So if you’re wondering what round face short beard styles exist, keep reading to learn all about it!

What Are Round Face Short Beard Styles?

When it comes to haircuts and facial hair, a huge factor is your taste. But the shape of your face can have a surprisingly huge effect on determining which haircuts and beard styles will tend to look good on you.

There are seven basic face shapes, and each one has positive and negative qualities. Some face shapes already have balance and symmetry, meaning that you have much more flexibility with how you style your hair and beard.

But some, like the round face, are out of balance and require you to find a style that hides certain features to create more symmetry. A round face means the cheeks are wide, and the general goal is to lessen that quality.

And luckily, there are many ways to accomplish that goal with the right hair and beard choices. Every person is unique, and no advice will work 100 percent of the time, but generally speaking, you can shape your beard to be short on the sides and long on the bottom.

You can also choose beards that make your jawline sharper and define your cheeks. And in terms of hairstyle, you can create more of an oval shape by adding height to the top of the head.

The main round face short beard styling goals are:

  • Avoid beards with a thickness on the cheeks
  • Style the beard to be structured, sleek on the sides, and long on the bottom, like a boxed beard.
  • Trim your beard to give your round face sharper edges, especially in the jawline.
  • Choose a hairstyle, perhaps like a high fade haircut, that adds height to the top.
  • Undercut haircuts allow for length on top and blend perfectly with a beard.
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30 Round Face and Short Beard Styles for 2022

If you’re stuck on coming up with the right style—both hair and beard—to suit your round face, you should stop worrying because there are plenty of ways to make your round face look amazing. So let’s check out some of these fantastic short beard styles!

1. Short and Clean

Short and Clean round face short beard style

Value Vitaly/Shutterstock

This example showcases two crucial aspects of countering a round face: a short and clean beard with sharp edges paired with long hair on top. Fades on the sides and long hair on top help elongate your face.

2. Messy Stubble

Messy Stubble short beard round face style


Messy stubble can be a great way to have a short beard that looks casual while also balancing out a round face. You can even allow the beard to grow thicker around the bottom to help sharpen the jawline.

3. Short Sides

round face short beard style with Short Sides

Enrico Bortoluzzi/Shutterstock

As this example shows, any beard that maintains length on the bottom while keeping the sides short works for a round face. The key is to make the cheeks appear less puffy.

4. Full and Short

Full and Short round face with a short style beard


Just because a beard is short, it doesn’t mean it can’t be thick and full. As you can see from this picture, a thick beard works fine with almost any face shape, including round, as long as you trim the parts that keep balance to your face.

5. Subtle Boxed Beard

Subtle Boxed Beard style for a round face


Boxed beards are a classic option for those with round faces who want to sharpen up the jawline and balance the cheeks. Boxed beards look best when short and well-groomed, and they usually run along the jawline to create an edgy look.

6. Well-Groomed and Medium Length

Well-Groomed and Medium Length short beard style for a round face


Certain beard styles just look better when you maintain a neat and well-groomed appearance. As you can see in this example, even a medium-length beard looks great as long as you keep the cheeks shorter and well-defined.

7. Short Stubble

Short Stubble short beard style for a round face

Minerva Studio/Shutterstock

Having stubble is a great way to use a beard as a shaping tool for your face without committing to having too much hair on your face. Here, a short stubble helps to sharpen up the jawline.

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8. Sharp Chin Straps

Sharp Chin Straps, a short beard style for a round face

Edi Libedinsky/Shutterstock

Because chin straps run along the jawline, they help to bring out the angles of your face and cancel out some of the roundness. And when short, they create a particularly intense look!

9. Medium Boxed Beard

Medium Boxed Beard round face short beard style

Dobo Kristian/Shutterstock

Here is another example of how a boxed beard will elongate a round face. You can stick with medium length as long as you groom it regularly.

10. Short Beard With Long Top

Short Beard with Long Top beard style for a round face


This example combines two styles that help to elongate the face: a short well-groomed beard and a tall puffy hairstyle on top. 

11. Medium Chin Straps

Medium Chin Straps beard style for a round face

The Stock Company/Shutterstock

These medium chin straps allow you to go a bit longer all around. But be aware of keeping the sides shorter to avoid any puffy qualities.

12. Goatee With Stubble

Goatee With Stubble short beard style for a round face

Dmitriev Mikhail/Shutterstock

By having a thicker stubble around the mouth and chin area (aka a goatee) and thin stubble on the sides, the cheeks of a round face will appear less puffy.

13. Chin Straps No Mustache

Guy with a bald head and a short beard style with a round face

Ranta Images/Shutterstock

The previous chin strap examples also included a mustache, but this picture shows that some faces can pull off eliminating the mustache as long as the straps aren’t too long.

14. Messy Goatee

Messy Goatee round face short beard style


This example isn’t the perfectly neat style with sharp lines that some goatees have, but it still accomplishes the short sides/long bottom feature that helps elongate your face. 

15. Short Grey Beard

Short Grey Beard style on a guy with a round face


The color of this beard along with the length and grooming style all come together to help cancel out any puffy appearance that the cheeks might have.

16. Short Mutton Chops

Short Mutton Chops round face short beard style

Moha El-Jaw/Shutterstock

Mutton chops, as long as they are not too puffy on the sides, do a great chop at highlighting the jawline. You can rock this style with or without a mustache.

17. Medium Messy

Medium Messy short beard styles for round faced men

Lipik Stock Media/Shutterstock

If your beard naturally grows thicker around the mouth and chin than it does on the sides, you might be able to pull off a medium-length beard that has a messy styling like this example.

18. Short Boxed Beard

Short Boxed Beard style for a round face man


The boxed beard looks even sleeker when you maintain a super short grooming regimen. The style creates a sharp jawline and well-defined cheeks.

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19. Casual Medium

Casual Medium beard style for a round face man

Faces Portrait/Shutterstock

Pushing the boundary of what you might consider a short beard, this example shows that a medium-length beard allows you to elongate your face easily by trimming the sides and keeping the bottom long.

20. Short Goatee

Short Goatee round face short beard style


One way to keep the sides of a round face from looking puffy is to shave it completely. In this example, the short and subtle goatee accentuates his face without being too distracting.

21. Chin Straps and Buzzcut

Chin Straps and Buzzcut on a round face man


While the usual advice for round faces is long hair on top, this example might convince you that the chin strap style can work with a buzzcut as long as it still brings out your jawline.

22. Short Stubble with Messy Long Hair

Short Stubble with Messy Long Hair as a featured round face short beard style

Just Dance/Shutterstock

In this example, short stubble helps to bring out the edges of his face with long and messy hair on the top, helping to elongate the overall shape.

23. Neck Beard

Man with a neck beard in a side and front profile image

Josep Curto/Shutterstock

Here we can see that a neckbeard allows the cheeks to be less puffy. And following the jawline with the beard helps to add more structure to an otherwise round face.

24. Unshaven Goatee

Unshaven Goatee beard style for a round face

Igor Kisselev/Shutterstock

Some people naturally grow a thick goatee while the hair on the sides comes in thinner. If this is the case for you, consider the unshaven look that naturally forms a goatee.

25. Bottom Patch

Bottom Patch round face short beard style


In this example, a subtle patch of the beard at the bottom is enough to subtly elongate his face.

26. Sharp Chin Straps

Sharp Chin Straps beard style for a round face


This man’s sharp chin straps bring out the jawline in an extreme way. It might not work on all faces, but it’s something to consider!

27. Hipster Goatee

Hipster Goatee round face short beard style

Anatoliy Karlyuk/Shutterstock

If you think you can pull it off, consider trying a hipster goatee with lots of style like this example.

28. Classic Goatee

Classic Goatee for a round face

Simon Greig/Shutterstock

The classic goatee isn’t necessarily the most stylish beard in this day and age, but it definitely helps to draw attention away from the cheeks.

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29. Goatee, Mustache, and Short Stubble

Goatee, Mustache, and Short Stubble round face short beard style

Media Lens King/Shutterstock

Combining multiple ideas into one look is a great way to find something unique that will work perfectly for your face. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

30. Subtle Mutton Chops

Subtle Mutton Chops for a piece on the best round face short beard styles


The mutton chops in this example are short and stay out of the way. This style will accent the sharpness of your cheekbones without adding any puffiness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you have an idea of the huge variety of short beard styles that work with a round face, let’s further explore the topic by answering some of the most commonly asked questions.

What beard is best for a round face?

It is hard to answer the question of best beard for a round face because not every round face is the same, and too much depends on the particulars. But in general, the best beard for a round face is one that cancels out the roundness by bringing out edges in the jawline and making the cheeks look well-defined. 

Is stubble good for a round face?

Generally you want to choose a hairstyle and beard style that draws attention away from the roundness of your face. And stubble and other short beard styles don’t do this — they don’t create sharper edges that cancel out the roundness.

So you should avoid stubble with a round face. On the flip side, you should also be aware that too much hair length can become wide and further add to the roundness.

Do beards make your face look rounder?

A beard does add volume to your face, and if grown too thick it can make you look rounder. But at the same time, the proper beard style that is well-maintained can visually take away from the roundness by creating sharper edges.

How should I shape my beard for a fat face?

Regardless of your body weight and physical fitness, you might be the type of person that has a round face and tends to carry weight in your cheeks—in other words, you are always worrying about whether your face is coming across as round or fat. 

But if you shape your beard—along with consistent trimming to maintain the look—to be short on the sides and long on the bottom, you can cancel out the roundness and give the illusion of a longer face.

How do you tell if a beard suits you?

The best way to know if a beard suits you is to try it out and see how it looks on your particular face. Every person is unique and you won’t know until you try it.

But the best general advice for finding a beard style that suits you is to understand your face shape and then find a beard that brings out the good aspects of the shape and helps to cancel out the negative aspects of it. 

Is the Short Beard Style for You?

If you’re reading this article, you are probably someone who is constantly looking for new styling ideas that will balance out the roundness of your face — facial symmetry is important to how humans are attracted to each other.

So choose one of the examples above and try it out for yourself—remember, with facial hair you can always erase something that you don’t like!