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What Is a Beardstache? | An Overly-Detailed Guide

What Is a Beardstache? | An Overly-Detailed Guide

There are different ways of styling your facial hair, depending on your face shape. And one of the most popular hairstyles for men is the beardstache.

It combines a short beard and a long mustache to pull off a trendy look. If you want to try something different, learn about one of the men’s favorites and how to pull off this hairstyle.

What Is a Beardstache?

A beardstache is a hairstyle that combines a beard and a mustache, where the mustache is longer than the beard. The beardstache isn’t simply a pretty new hairstyle. It started to make waves in 2014 when pairing a beard with an undercut became popular.

One of the many reasons why many got hooked on this look is that it’s rather effortless to pull off. All you need is to trim your beard and let your mustache grow longer. However, maintaining this hairstyle is quite challenging because of its asymmetric nature.

If you want to try the beardstache, you need to keep it properly maintained because it can get unruly very quickly. So always maintain the length of the facial hair and define the lines. Additionally, making a sharp shape of the beard around the neck is highly recommended to polish the look.

Give keen attention to details to make your beardstache look its best. When pulling off this style, the facial’s length, density, and proportion is up to you. However, always match it with your facial shape to make it look more balanced.

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Why You Should Wear a Beardstache

Men treat their beards as companions that mirror their masculinity and good looks. While there are many reasons they wear a beard, all want to ensure that their overall look is gorgeous. Here are some of the trending beardstache styles.

A Style that Sets You Apart

While many already embraced wearing a beard as part of their facial hairstyle, it’s still considered an intriguing style statement. It’s because wearing a beard isn’t perceived to be formal, and some fashion experts find this hipster look unfit for workspace.

However, things have changed, and you can find many men pairing a beard with a suit today.

Some styles, like the beardstache, are even elegant and can be worn in any event. The beardstache can create a unique and stylish look that sets you apart. It’s a well-groomed style that can make you look classy and funky at the same time.

A Style that Frames Your Face

As previously mentioned, choosing a beard style is very important concerning your facial structure. The style must complement the shape of your face and your hairstyle. Thus, it’s necessary to do your research first if the beardstache can flatter your facial structure.

Remember, one of the goals of wearing a beard is to add contrast to your face and soften the extremities. You might have limited style options if you have a very sharp jawline. If you have an oval-shaped face, you might consider a beard with fuller sides to give you a more pointy look.

Thankfully, the beardstache can complement almost all facial shapes, even if you have an elongated face to volumize the sides or with a strong jawline to cover up the extremities.

A Style that Covers Patchy Facial Hair

Try this style if you’re one of those with sparser facial hair on the cheeks part. If you have patchy spots, you can take the attention away from your patchy beard to add more confidence to your look. When you wear a beardstache, trim both sides to a heavy stubble so you can divert the attention directly to your mustache.

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Who Should Wear the Beardstache?

While you can find many fashion gurus telling you that this style is more appropriate if you have a strong jawline, it’s still possible to wear the style irrespective of your facial shape. However, this is when keeping some parameters in mind.

Most Compatible Face Shapes for the Beardstache

As mentioned, pulling off this stunning beard style, you should have a strong jawline with a large upper lip area, but you can always modify this look by altering the beard style. Here are some of the ideal face shapes that complement this unique look:

  • Triangular or pointed face type
  • Elongated face type
  • Square face type
  • Diamond face type

Wrong Face Type for the Beardstache

If you have a heart-shaped or round-shaped face, it’s not the best idea to wear a beardstache.

Different Types of Beardstaches

If you’re already convinced to wear this style, here are some of the variations you want to try.

  • Beardstache With Short Beard This style might look better if you wear a short beard and a goatee, including a longer stubble.
  • Beardstache With a Heavy Stubble This style combines a heavy stubble beard with a longer mustache.
  • Hipster Beardstache A hipster beardstache is perfect if you want to divert attention to your upper lip. It’s also great when paired with a heavy stubble beard.
  • Beardstache With a Chevron Mustache A Chevron mustache paired with a tapered beard or heavy stubble is also something you shouldn’t miss.

Mustache Styles to Try With a Beardstache

Various types of mustaches to rock with a beardstache


Now you learn about the different types of beardstache. Let’s dive a little deeper and find out the various mustache styles you can pair with any beardstache.

Chevron Mustache  

A Chevron mustache is one of the most challenging styles to wear. It’s shaped with a downward angle towards the corners of your mouth. While it’s tricky to pull it off, it’s also one of the coolest styles when paired with a heavy stubble beard.

Lampshade Mustache

Another challenging mustache style to pull off is the lampshade mustache because you need to close-crop your mustache above your upper lip. The mustache should run along the length of the lip for best results. It’s great to be paired with a light stubble beard.

Walrus Mustache

This mustache is identified with thick, bushy whiskers growing out over the mouth. This style is perfect if you have a huge nose and a wide face shape.

Horseshoe Mustache

Among the mustache styles, you can express more about your personality with the horseshoe style. It’s well-trimmed and sculpted, giving you a classic look. However, it’s not suitable if you have a narrow face.

English Mustache

If you want a unique look, you can try the English mustache, which is a long and narrow strip of facial hair above your upper lip. With this style, you need to rule the hair to grow to both corners of your mouth. Use beard oil to hold your mustache in place.

Handlebar Mustache

It’s also a classic style that is easy to maintain. The style is also known as spaghetti mustache because of its upwardly curved extremities resembling a bicycle’s handlebar. It’s suitable for any face shape.

Hungarian Mustache

This style is one of the mustache styles that take a long time to grow. It’s characterized by big and bushy facial hair that’s best paired with a full beard.

How to Pull Off the Beardstache Look

Here’s how you can pull off this beardstache style, from choosing the right tools to trimming your facial hair:

Tools You Need

The beardstache style doesn’t require you to buy expensive tools. Here are the tools you will need.

Beard Trimmer

 It’s an invaluable tool for every man. Don’t forget to include this in your grooming kit, as you need to maintain your facial hair weekly. This tool helps you achieve the look you desire.

Grooming Scissors

Your scissors should be of high quality to keep your facial hair well-groomed and in shape.

Beard Oil

While beard oil isn’t mandatory, it keeps the skin underneath your facial hair moisturized and healthy. It’s recommended to use it every day to get the best result.

Mustache Wax 

It’s excellent to include mustache wax in your grooming kit to help you shape and define your facial hair. It also helps in taming any unruly hair.

Choose the Correct Comb Guard Lengths

Getting the proper comb guards is vital in pulling off an excellent beardstache style. After you shave the beard, the mustache must be highlighted. The recommended length for the comb guard is 4 mm or lower.

Know the Mustache Style and Length

After getting the right tools, knowing the desired length and style of the mustache that complements your face type is the next step. With the beardstache style, growing a long mustache is an advantage. Select from the long mustache styles, such as the Chevron, Walrus, horseshoe, and handlebar.

You can grow your mustache to cover the upper lip if you’re adventurous. However, it’s challenging to pull off the beardstache if you have a thin mustache or a narrow upper lip. When deciding on the right style and length, remember to dry and brush your mustache first.

Define the Jawline

First, you need to define the cheek line and jawline to make it easier for beard styling. Also, it helps if you make your beard shorter than the mustache.

It’s also great if you let your beard grow to cover the chin, extending along the jawline towards the sideburns. Choose from the various short beard styles to suit your longer mustache.

Follow Simple Rules

Remember the number one rule of the beardstache style: keep the mustache longer than the beard. Try to face the mirror, and ask yourself this question. Suppose your answer is yes, then congratulations. If no, continue trimming your beard down to make a heavy stubble.

How to Maintain a Beardstache

Maintaining this style is vital to keep it rocking. Here are the steps in maintaining your beard style.

Regular Trimming

When wearing this style, you will notice that your facial hair is constantly growing. That’s why it’s crucial to trim it regularly to avoid it from going back astray. The shorter the facial hair, the more frequent you need to trim it. However, trimming once or twice a week may be sufficient if you prefer a full beard.

Keep Your Facial Hair Clean

Don’t try to neglect cleaning your facial hair because it comes with consequences. Keep it clean and smelling great by including it in your shampoo routine. Adding conditioner might also help, especially if you have dry, coarse facial hair.

If you’re interested in special care, you can opt for a beard wash and conditioner.

Using products made for beards is beneficial if you have sensitive skin. Remember that the skin underneath the facial hair is different from the skin on the other parts of the body. These products can keep your beard and the skin underneath healthier.


While some men can grow facial hair neatly, others have rebellious facial hair that goes unruly. That’s why it’s relatively unique. If you have rebellious facial hair, you can use beard oil to help you comb and manage it.

This form of product can make managing skin irritation easier. While beard oil can soften the facial hair, a mustache wax can help you style it.

When styling your facial hair, you don’t need to break the bank and buy expensive products and tools. Just make sure you have the basics, such as the beard comb, oil, wax, trimmer, and a pair of good scissors for your maintenance kit.

Care for Your Tools

If you’re serious about beard care, then you should also be serious about taking care of your tools. Make it a habit to clean them after each use before putting them back in storage. While some tools you choose can be quite an investment, they return the favor if you care for them.

The Beardstache: Final Thoughts

Now you learn what a beardstache style is and how to pull off this look. So, what are you waiting for? Get the right tools and start trimming your beard and leave your mustache emphasized. Whether you go for a clean-shaven look or stick with a longer beard, give this stunning beard style a try.